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True Crime Drama Series Deceit Premieres in Australia on Stan

Deceit true crime

Deceit, a new true crime drama, hits streaming in Australia this month. The 4-part series explores the investigation into the shocking murder of Rachel Nickell in 1992 and how the police’s honeytrap operation got a female undercover officer to be a sexual bait in a desperate attempt to lure out the suspect.

Niamh Algar (Raised by Wolves), plays the undercover officer, codename ‘Lizzie James’. She is thrust into a dysfunctional world that’s fueled by complex and toxic sexual politics during a time when women have to prove themselves twice as hard in order to get noticed and rise through the ranks.

Deceit also examines the police’s obsession with the wrong man and how this leads to a botched covert operation. With access to never-before-seen video, as well as audio and written materials, it grippingly chronicles the events with verbatim dialogues. The fictionalised retelling of the story takes audiences behind the scenes of one of the UK’s most disputed police investigations. 

In addition to Algar, the upcoming show also stars Rochenda Sandall (Line of Duty), Nathaniel Martello-White (I Hate Suzie), Sion Daniel Young (Keeping Faith), Harry Treadaway (The Crown), and Eddie Marsan (Ray Donovan). It is written by Emilia di Girolamo (The Tunnel). Deceit hits streaming in Australia soon. Find out how and where to watch every episode here.

How to watch Deceit in Australia?

Deceit premieres on Saturday, August 14 only on Stan. The limited true crime series concludes after four episodes, so if you’re looking for something else to watch after Deceit, Stan houses so many other shows in the crime drama genre. New customers can also try the service with a 30-day free trial.

Watch Deceit Trailer here:

Check out the trailer for Deceit coming to Stan on August 14.

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