Watch NRL Live

NRL is a top favourite sporting event in Australia with millions of rugby league fans tuned in on every game leading up to the NRL Grand Final. With the 2022 NRL Telstra Premiership just around the corner, here are the best ways to watch NRL matches in Australia across free-to-air and streaming TV. Some options even have free trials so you can get started with NRL streaming for free.

What’s in this Guide?

NRL Live Stream in Australia

The National Rugby League matches are played in Australia and New Zealand between March and October. Every week there’s rugby action to be had, which you can stream via several streaming providers. There are also options for streaming the NRL Telstra Premiership matches outside Australia with the Watch NRL app. The reigning champions are the Penrith Panthers, having secured their third premiership during the 2021 season.

In addition to regular-season games, there’s also the State of Origin series to catch up on. Even more exciting is the availability of other league competitions such as the Canterbury Cup, Nines and the English Super League. 

If you’re a big rugby fan and looking for ways to stream NRL while saving on streaming costs, there are ways you can access NRL premiership matches at lower fees, which we’ll elaborate in this guide.

How to watch NRL Live in Australia?

Every game of the Telstra Premiership, including the Grand Final, is available live for live viewing with no ad breaks during the match so you can enjoy the action without interruptions. To ensure that league fans don’t miss anything, the NRL Premiership has its own dedicated Fox League channel for streaming 24/7. In addition to getting full access via streaming providers, NRL is also available on free-to-air television with Channel 9 having broadcast rights.

Stream NRL on Kayo

Kayo Sports offers a 14-day free trial to new customers to watch NRL matches. A Kayo subscription gives you access to every Foxtel Sports HD channel, including the premiership’s dedicated channel, Fox League. With NRL being one of Australia’s most popular sporting events, it only makes sense to subscribe for a streaming app dedicated to covering every game leading up to the Grand Final, which you can stream live or on demand. Kayo Sports offers two subscription plans, both available free for the first 14 days. After the free trial ends, Kayo is only $25/month for Basic and $35/month for Premium, no lock-in contract.

Stream NRL via Kayo from Telstra

To watch the 2022 NRL season while saving as much as $120 in a year, Telstra customers have the option to get Kayo via their Telstra accounts. This makes the monthly cost for the Basic plan only $15/month and Premium for only $25/month.

Watch NRL on Foxtel

If you’ve already purchased a Foxtel Sports HD plan, every NRL game is as easy as switching your TV or other device on. Foxtel’s Sports HD bundle has Fox Sports channels, which also includes Fox League. Unlike Kayo, Foxtel doesn’t offer free trials but the pay TV company frequently provides huge discounts on all bundles, including Sports HD, for up to a year.

Stream NRL on Foxtel Now

Without the need for satellite, Foxtel Now is Foxtel’s iteration designed for instant streaming. Sports channels are part of Foxtel Now’s premium add-on channel pack, Sport. It’s available for an additional $29 per month, on top of the base Essentials pack at $25 per month. New customers can sign up right now and take advantage of the 10-day free trial.

Stream NRL via Foxtel Now from Telstra

There’s a lot of benefits to be had from being a Telstra customer and that includes the option to sign up for a streaming service like Foxtel Now and getting one month free of streaming. With this offer, you can get a free NRL live stream access at no costs for the first 30 days. Foxtel Now from Telstra offers the exact same sports content as a standard Foxtel Now service. The only difference is the duration of free streaming you’ll get – one month free from Telstra (for Telstra customers only) and only 10 days from Foxtel Now.

Watch NRL on Channel 9

In Australia, NRL is also available via free-to-air with the Nine Network as its official free-to-air broadcast partner. Channel 9’s coverage will consist of live telecasts of the matches on Thursday and Friday Nights, with afternoon and evening matches on Saturdays and Sundays too. You can stream Channel 9 on the go on your mobile or tablet with its catch-up app, 9Now.

How to watch NRL match replays on demand?

While NRL is a much-loved sport in Australia, the truth is that it’s sometimes hard to catch the games live with work and family commitments to prioritise. The good thing is that streaming apps like Kayo and Foxtel Now offer NRL match replays so you can watch in your free time. Streaming replays even come with a couple of features with services like Kayo.

For instance, Kayo’s ‘No Spoilers’ feature makes sure that you don’t see the results before watching a game. Another option for watching replays on demand would be an NRL Live Pass, which you can access with an eligible Telstra mobile plan. If you’re currently overseas, you can watch the NRL live stream, as well as match replays via the Watch NRL app. Since it’s only designed for users who are out of the country, the Watch NRL app is not available in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands. You can also head on to the official NRL website for other NRL news and announcements.

Watch the 2022 NRL season free

The 2022 NRL season is soon to get underway. If you’re not sure how to stream matches yet, just know that streaming services like Kayo and Foxtel Now make it easier for rugby league fans to watch every game without breaking the bank. They even have free streaming trials.

Currently, new customers signing up to Kayo get a 14-day free trial while those who sign up to Foxtel Now get 10 days free. Telstra customers, on the other hand, can subscribe to Kayo via their Telstra accounts to get a $10/month discount for 12 months. Still on Telstra, new and returning Foxtel Now customers also get a much longer one month free when adding the service to their Telstra bill.

Kayo Sports and Foxtel Now are available on several compatible devices, including Android TV, select Smart TVs, and streaming boxes like Telstra TV and Apple TV. To live stream NRL on the go, both services are available on Android and iOS mobile devices. Simply install the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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