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Oz Lotto - Mr.P

Oz Lotto draws are broadcast on 7TWO at approximately 8.30pm AEST/9:30pm AEDT. It airs on the night of the official draw. You can stream it live online, watch the live draws on your TV, or you don’t have to go anywhere and just check out the Oz Lotto results right here.

Oz Lotto draw time

Could Tuesday night’s Oz Lotto numbers give you life-changing amounts of money? Check out the Oz Lotto Draw Number 1558 below. The Oz Lotto drawing time will take place on 26th December 2023 at around 8.30pm AEST/9:30pm AEDT. This week, the jackpot prize is a whopping $90 million, so check your Oz Lotto ticket as soon as the draw begins.

Oz Lotto results: Draw 1558

Are you the Oz Lotto winner tonight whose life is about to change big time? The Oz Lotto results draw 1558 have just been drawn. Check if you’re a winning man.

Oz Lotto ResultsWinning NumbersSupplementary Numbers
Draw 155817 – 44 – 22 – 42 – 31 – 24 – 28 3 – 16 – 39

How to watch Oz Lotto draw

Can’t wait to find out if you’ve actually won? You can watch the live results on your TV or stream it live online via 7TWO. Even more convenient to get the Oz Lotto results fast is this page, which is on top of everything lotto.

It’s important to note that in case of lost tickets, you will need to fill up a Lost or Damaged Ticket Search form to find it in the lottery system and pay for the search fee.

How to win Oz Lotto

To win millions with Oz Lotto, you will need to pick 9 primary numbers between 1 and 45. The first 7 balls drawn are the winning numbers and the remaining 2 balls are the supplementary numbers, which are then used to identify prizes in Divisions 2, 4 and 7.

What to watch after Oz Lotto

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