Foxtel And Foxtel Now – Australia’s Largest TV Content Provider

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Foxtel is to Australia what Messi is to Barcelona: It is hard to imagine one without the other. Since 1995, Foxtel has been the byword for premium content on Australian television. In its first year, the service provider had no more than 20 channels. Today, Foxtel is the largest pay TV provider in Australia. There are now more than 90 channels that deliver just about every kind of show and entertainment possible. From exclusive sporting events and drama to lifestyle shows and mega movies – it’s all on Foxtel.

Foxtel has also evolved into Foxtel Now, bringing a Foxtel streaming service to the Aussie viewer. Now you can stream the very best of what Foxtel has to offer straight to your personal device.  

What’s in this Guide?

All You Need To Know About Foxtel 

There was a time when television viewers in Australia had access to only five free-to-air channels, which is almost unimaginable today. Then came Foxtel, all shiny and new, offering viewers a greater choice and a wider range of premium entertainment; something audiences had never experienced before. A diverse TV service catering to everyone’s viewing needs with live and on demand content. Whether you were into drama, daily soaps, blockbuster movies, or cartoons, Foxtel had it. 

With television rapidly evolving in the new century, Foxtel has kept up with the pace. Its streaming arm, Foxtel Now, is a case in point. There has also been the gradual expansion of Foxtel channels and subscription services. The provider has added exclusive live and on demand channels when the need arises – as was the case of the Olympic Games and the Rugby World Cup. The channel lineup on Foxtel has also received a major boost over the years, with sports channels alone rising up to 12. 

Foxtel Premium Content

The Pay TV provider has always had an eye on delivering premium content to the Aussie viewer. Top drawer TV from all around the world is now available on Foxtel. HBO shows, such as the super-popular Game of Thrones, have always found their spot on Foxtel. And now the provider is even branching out to produce its own, exclusive content for viewers – from regular entertainment to sports shows – all now available on Foxtel.      

What are the best shows on Foxtel? 

Foxtel has built its brand on providing premium content for the regular viewer. You can find all the best live and on demand shows not only from Australia but from around the world on Foxtel and Foxtel Now. It is not an exaggeration to state that the catalogue of Foxtel rivals the very best in the business. Including that of the streaming giant, Netflix. Head over to CompareTV for the latest what’s on Foxtel page that is updated monthly.

Foxtel content by genre:

To give you a little idea of the quality content available with Foxtel, we have highlighted some of the best shows by genre below.


  • Wentworth
  • Euphoria
  • Mare Of Easttown
  • The Undoing


  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Avenue 5
  • Dave
  • Upright 


  • AFL Premiership
  • NRL
  • Cricket
  • Supercars


  • Mr Bean
  • Peppa Pig
  • Go Jetters
  • My Little Pony


  • Judy
  • 1917
  • The Hunt
  • Jojo Rabbit

How much does a Foxtel subscription cost?

Foxtel offers in excess of 90 live and on demand channels. To make it easy for the regular viewer, the provider allows you to bundle content of a specific genre in one pack. For instance, if you are a fan of movies, then you can choose the Movies package to tailor your subscription. The packs enable the viewer to select what they want to watch, rather than pay for all the channels they don’t need.   

Each plan enables the viewer to select their favourite packs and bundle them together. You can choose the genre that interests you specifically and select just that. A common example is the Sports Pack. When you select the bundle, you get more than 55 channels on your television. This includes the base Foxtel pack and all of the sports channels with HD options. The plan is priced at $74 per month.  

There are some other great pop and lifestyle plans too, for those who love TV shows and reality series. For movie addicts, Foxtel also offers a special bundle that showcases both classic and popular releases. 

The good news with bundles is that you can always find a good discount going. The special offers keep changing, so do keep an eye out. You may just find a bargain on a pack that you want. 

There is also the option of building your own bundles from available packs and just adding or subtracting over time. Customised plans, however, often tend to be more expensive than regular offer.

What is Foxtel from Telstra?

The common practice is to subscribe for plans direct through Foxtel. However, Telstra has some neat offers and epic deals to offer to their customers who want to watch Foxtel. 

Foxtel from Telstra is quickly gaining traction as an ideal plan for the intelligent subscriber. On just one bill, you can add your preferred Foxtel bundle. The direct benefit is that Telstra offers a price drop on existing plans and bundles. You end up paying less for the same content and the same quality of viewing experience. There’s something for streaming addicts too. 

You can also get access to Foxtel Now from Telstra, which allows you to stream Foxtel content free for an entire month.

Foxtel Now, Foxtel Go, and Foxtel Play

Streaming is going through a golden era. Foxtel has answered this call from the millennials with its own streaming services. Foxtel Now offers a convenient way of carrying your television anywhere you go on your favourite device. With the Foxtel Go app and Foxtel Play app, you get all of your favourite shows, movies, and even sports whether you’re at home or commuting to work.

The Essentials base pack starts at $25 a month with some special treats for the viewers. First up is a 10-day trial that allows you to check out a the the entire library for free. The second treat is that Foxtel Now is home to Fox Showcase, which has everything that HBO has to offer on it, and the bonus of a no lock in contract.

Foxtel Now brings the true power of the streaming service with Foxtel Go and Foxtel Play. Original content, live shows, documentaries, and all the popular offerings are available for your viewing pleasure at home or on the move. 

How does Foxtel Now compare to Netflix and other streaming services?

Foxtel Now is a premium streaming platform. Its streaming service gives you access to an impressive catalogue that is filled with all the moves and shows you will want to watch with no lock in contract.

The other benefit is that with Foxtel Go and Foxtel Play, users can get all of live television, plus the best of streaming right on their preferred device. No other streaming platform provides this service.     

One main advantage over other providers is the fact that you can watch TV and Sport all in one place. Stan is slowly dipping its toes in this territory, but nothing quite comes close to the choice you get with Foxtel Now.

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