Kayo Sports – The Streaming Service for Real Sports Fans

Kayo Launches Free Sports Streaming with the New Kayo Freebies

Kayo Sports is the number one sports streaming service for sports fans in Australia. A Kayo sports subscription allows sports fans to start watching their favourite sports live or on-demand at any time, anywhere so long as they have internet service on a monthly subscription. Kayo offers a 14-day free trial as well as no lock-in contract.

Users can stream the biggest Aussie sports from the comfort of their own homes on the TV or on the go via a mobile phone using the Kayo Sports app. Users can subscribe to Kayo’s basic plan or premium plans.

Kayo takes the sports viewing experience to the next level with advanced features, including, interactive stats, split-screen viewing up to four videos, the ability to skip to highlights in any contest you are watching, interactive statistics, Kayo Minis (all the highlights condensed), and Raceview for motorsports.

What’s in this Guide?

How much does Kayo Sports cost?

Along with Main Event PPV, two subscription Kayo plans are available – Kayo Basic and Kayo Premium.

 Both offer full access to Kayo – every sport, every replay, every live stream, in full high definition. The only difference between the plans is the number of devices you’re allowed to stream from simultaneously. In addition, you can cancel both plans at any time.

 Check out all the latest Kayo Sports plans below or read this helpful guide to get more information about how much Kayo Sports cost.

What sports are on Kayo?

The variety of sports on offer from Kayo Sports is extremely impressive. Kayo’s coverage ranges from the mainstream to the niche with national and international football to smaller sports like darts and snooker. No matter the time of day, Kayo Sports can bring you heart-pounding action from the world of sports allowing you to watch multiple games at a time.

You can stream sports including NRL, AFL, NBA, Motorsports and more with your Kayo subscription. Kayo also gives you access to sports that are streamed on fox sports.

Kayo also offers a range of analysis and entertainment shows and live content through your kayo account.

Watch Kayo Sports Telstra

Watching Kayo has never been easier, if you have a Telstra customer and a telstra account and are thinking of subscribing, we have good news. Eligible customers can add Kayo Sports to their bill for as little as $15 per month over 12 months.

Kayo sports 14-day free trial

Kayo sports offers a 14-day free trial of its services on both the Premium and Basic packages. You can also switch between these packages at any point in your free trial. However, If you don’t cancel your subscription before the 14-day free trial ends, you will automatically pay for the package. With the free trial available it has never been so easy to join kayo today.

What is Kayo freebies?

If signing up for a free trial sounds like too much commitment, then Kayo Freebies will give you free access to the Kayo experience without having to sign up for a plan. Kayo Freebies offers the same features as the standard Kayo plans but restricts content to selected sports events, selected matches and talk shows. So, if you want to watch the full range of Kayo content, you’ll need to sign up to a free trial.

Kayo Minis – Compact Replays

After an event has finished, Kayo editors produce compact, action-packed versions of the game that you can watch in minutes rather than hours. Kayo Minis still give you a feel for the rhythm and pace of the match, even though they don’t show all the footage. Compact Replays are a helpful tool to catch up on a round of matches without dedicating an entire weekend to the sport. If you’re behind and never want to miss a game, Kayo Minis alone are worth the price of a subscription.

Key Moments

The Key Moments feature works with both live and past events. This feature lets users navigate to critical moments in any sports contest they watch. If you’re watching a replay of a cricket match, for example, you’ll see little timeline icons showing you where each wicket fell.

Key moments lets backtrack to view any crucial moments you may have missed. The feature will be expanding even further in the future, hopefully by including a wider range of sports.

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