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How To Watch or Stream Raised By Wolves

How To Watch/Stream Raised By Wolves

Raised by Wolves raises an all important question: Is it the sci fi series of 2020? We are tempted to say yes. 

Created by the same mind who masterminded Aliens and Gladiator, Ridley Scott brings all of his blockbuster credentials to the small screen. And with the director helming the first two episodes, be sure to turn up the excitement and anticipation to full, and then some more. 

What should excite fans further is the stellar cast behind the sci fi showpiece. You have Travis Fimmel from the bloody, historic Vikings, Amanda Collins from the LOL comedy Sjit Happens, and Abubakar Salim from the very serious Jamestown. Each actor brings to life their respective character in the show. 

Stream on a free trial offer

Raised By Wolves Season 1 is coming to the streaming platforms, Fox Showcase and BINGE. You can watch the show in glorious HD on your telly if you are a subscriber of Foxtel or Foxtel from Telstra. With BINGE, things get a bit interesting.

You can opt for the 2 week free trial to catch the series, and then decide whether to keep the subscription or cancel. 

If you were to miss the live airing, no sweat. Simply catch the replays that will be made available once the episode finishes its virgin run. 

Raised By Wolves is coming. Are you ready for it?

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