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Netflix Announces Sex Education Season 3 Premiere

Sex Education Season 3

Otis and the fun gang that is Sex Education will return for more shenanigans when Season 3 premieres in September. Fans saw a huge victory with Eric and Adam finally confessing their feelings for each other during last season’s finale and it looks like things between these two will be official once the show returns.

But there’s still a lot to tie up from the previous season, including the possibility of Otis and Maeve getting together. Otis professed his love for Maeve over voicemail but Isaac was being uncool because he totally deleted said message. Jean’s pregnancy was also a shocking way to end that season because she had just broken up with Jakob, who also had a vasectomy. Talk about complicated.

Fortunately, Season 3 will happen soon. Joining the cast is Jason Isaacs as Peter Groff, Mr. Groff’s older brother, Dua Saleh playing a nonbinary student at Moordale, and Indra Ové as Elsie’s foster mother Anna. Don’t miss this new season of Sex Education coming to your screens in September!

How to watch Sex Education Season 3 in Australia?

In Australia, Sex Education Season 3 premieres on Friday, September 17 on Netflix. Just like the first and the second season, Sex Education Season 3 will also consist of eight episodes with the main cast like Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, and Gillian Anderson reprising their characters.

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Watch Sex Education Season 3 Teaser here:

Check out the teaser for Sex Education Season 3 coming to Netflix on September 17!

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