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Stream HBO’s New Doco ‘The Lady and the Dale’ on BINGE this February

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It was mid 1974 when a wily and larger-than-life entrepreneur rose to prominence with a futuristic vehicle that promised to get 70 miles to the gallon. The entrepreneur was Elizabeth “Liz” Carmichael, and the car was The Dale.

The Lady and the Dale is a new four-part documentary series from HBO and produced by Emmy®- winning producers Mark and Jay Duplass and directed by Nick Cammilleri and Zackary Drucker. This doco series stars Gillian Cameron acting as Liz Carmichael, and uses archival footage from those closest to the case to her. It’s a story about a transgender woman who invents a fuel-efficient, three-tire car model, which eventually helped her take on the fading Detroit automobile market in the 70s.

What made her story interesting was how quickly her rise and fall from power quickly came. She made a name in the automobile industry but in the end, was turned on by frustrated investors. What followed was a highly publicised trial, which is also one of the longest Los Angeles’ criminal court history. Judging Carmichael was about her business practices, but it also became about her as a person, her secret past and her gender.

Be sure not to miss this unique and remarkable story when HBO’s The Lady and the Dale premieres February 21 on BINGE.

How to Watch ‘The Lady and the Dale’ in Australia

BINGE delivers all 4 episodes of The Lady and the Dale in one go starting February 21. You can stream them all completely for free with BINGE’s 14 day free trial offer. After that, it’s your choice to continue with your subscription for as low as $10 per month.

Check out the trailer for HBO’s The Lady and the Dale:

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