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Enter the Cut-Throat World of Finance with HBO’s ‘Industry’ — Stream in Australia on BINGE in February

Enter the Cut-Throat World of Finance with HBO's 'Industry' — Stream on BINGE in February

“Are you ready to bite the head off a bear?”

This is the question posed by the head honcho of the investment bank, Pierpoint & Co., as featured in HBO’s ‘Industry.’ Industry is one of HBO’s newest hit original series, which gives an unfiltered look at the highly competitive world of the high-end finance industry in London.

The show follows five young, fresh graduates who are all vying to earn their spot at London-based Pierpoint by the end of their months-long internship. Inspired by co-creator Konrad Kay’s three-year stint at a top American investment bank, the show depicts a dog-eat-dog world filled with sociopaths wearing tailored suits and bullish bosses running amok. Think Hunger Games but for corporate millennials — wherein just the first episode, an intern was shown to have literally worked himself to his death.

To be fair, the showrunners did have their creative liberties as they showed a bit of exaggeration in some situations — but we all know that behind every story is a hint of truth. Industry unravels a very exclusive culture of money and power, touching on the themes of sexism, classism, and pretty much any and every kind of shady behaviour you can expect to find within the finance world.

Curious yet? The good news is, Industry is now heading to BINGE next month. You can start streaming all 8 episodes of the first season from February 1.

How to Watch ‘Industry’ in Australia

BINGE delivers all the episodes of Industry’s first season in one go starting February 1. You can stream them all completely for free with BINGE’s 14 day free trial offer. After that, it’s your choice to continue with your subscription for as low as $10 per month.

Check out the official trailer for Industry below:

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