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Where to Watch I May Destroy You Online in Australia

Where to Watch I May Destroy You Online in Australia

Dubbed as one of the year’s best shows, I May Destroy You is a brave take on sexual assault and stars one of the hottest names in theatre and TV right now.

I May Destroy You is a biting, brave, yet cathartic take on a story about sexual assault. It’s raw and not romanticised at all, untangling the trauma of that experience with some dark humour and stellar acting by Michaela Coel.

This new original series from BBC One and HBO will premiere on December 4th on FOX SHOWCASE. This new series has 12 episodes, which will also be made available through BINGE.

What is I May Destroy You about?

Arabella is a Twitter-personality-turned-novelist who found fame with her debut book, Chronicles of a Fed-Up Millennial. She became a celebrated Millennial icon and have since been focusing on continuing her success as a writer. In the middle of finishing up her second book, she takes a break to meet up with friends for a night out in London. She wakes up the next morning struggling to remember what happened to her, but slowly recalls the events of the night and unraveling the trauma she endured after her drink was spiked.

Who stars in I May Destroy You?

Joining lead Michaela Coel as Arabella is a stellar lineup of cast including Weruche Opia as Terry and Paapa Essiedu as Kwame, both of whom play Arabella’s good friends. Supporting cast members include Stephen Wight as Ben, Arabella’s flatmate, Adam James as Julian, Arabella’s literary agent, Natalie Walter as Francine, Arabella’s financier, Marouane Zottie as Biagio, and many more.

Is I May Destroy You any good?

Even before its premiere on HBO, I May Destroy You was already predicted to become a critics’ favourite — and true enough, it became exactly that and more. A critic for The New York Times praised the show for being “touching and quietly hilarious,” and gives due recognition to the show’s lead and co-writer, Michaela Coel.

It’s a clever take on such a sensitive issue, which surely not everyone can appreciate. But if you do jump in, we’re 99.9% sure that you’re bound to appreciate the amazing acting, storytelling, and deeper understanding of important issues that this modern-day show offers.

Watch the I May Destroy You Trailer

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