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Where to Watch Teen Mom Australia Online in Australia

Where to Watch Teen Mom Australia Online in Australia

Following the success of its US counterpart, Teen Mom Australia — now on its second season — is proving to be a favourite when it comes to hit reality shows in the country.

Teen Mom Australia came a bit late to the game having debuted only last year, a good decade after this series premiered in the US. Despite that, it’s proving to be quite a winner among viewers in the country, especially with its second season that dropped just last month.

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What is Teen Mom Australia about?

A spin-off of the American franchise Teen Mom, Teen Mom Australia is a reality TV series that follows the lives of Aussie teenage mums who are trying to make it through motherhood as they also try to deal with having such responsibility at such a young age.

Who stars in Teen Mom Australia?

Four teen Aussie moms are featured this season: Sita Masima, Tanisha Kandia, Ammi Chambers, and Georgina Manios.

Is Teen Mom Australia any good?

Considering how much traction it’s been getting lately, it’s safe to say that it stands strong to its US counterpart and a must-watch for reality junkies. The good news is, it’s safe to say that the Aussie version isn’t as controversial or salacious as the US version. If you’re simply into the whole reality life genre, then this one’s definitely worth giving a go.

Watch the Teen Mom Australia Season 2 Trailer

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