California can advance into the EV technology despite the resistance from the Trump administration. 

California can advance into the EV technology despite the resistance from the Trump administration. 

The future of electric vehicles is unfathomable, with many hoping to wipe out ICE cars for a safer and cleaner environment. When it comes to this discussion, it is inevitable to compare California, China, and Europe in terms of the technology that will dominate. 

One sure thing is that California state is at the forefront of transitioning its transport industry to electric vehicles. The sales of EVs in China and the USA are slow, whereas there is a surge in Europe’s cars. The slip in sales of Evs in the first half of this year is attributable to the coronavirus pandemic’s impacts on the economy. If this slump sales continue in China, they will not achieve a 25% market share by 2025. On the other hand, California will not be able to send five million Evs on its roads by 2030. 

Meanwhile, in Europe, there are strict greenhouse gas regulations. France, Germany, UK, Spain, and Italy have recorded more EV sales, thereby making Europe attain an EV market share of 7.5%. These countries are likely to achieve their goal of 2.5 million EV sales between 2020 and 2021. The highest market for Evs is Norway, in which 70% of the new sales are electric vehicles. 

Elsewhere, the Trump administration is impeding the US’s transition into EV technology by supporting the ICE cars industry. This administration is also ghosting California’s efforts to implement standards that support the installation of EV facilities. This bad blood between the Trump administration and California state is hindering the implementation of climate change measures making the US an international opposer of the climate change objectives. 

Former US Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger advises the Trump administration to take on the challenge of transitioning to Evs. He says that this is the right time to do this before other nations beat them with their superior EV technology. 

Schwarzenegger explains that Tesla TSLA Model 3 is a brand that can command market share after the sales it has posted this year. He warns the Trump administration from deterring the efforts of California to explore clean energy and electric vehicles. 

Yunshi recalls that he has met with numerous engineers at Chinese EV firms who are defecting Detroit for lack of support from the government. China’s support for EV technology, which is evident in its Air Resources Board, is among the factors leading to the emergence of Tesla as a boisterous and leading EV producer. 

In conclusion, California can fully delve into clean energy transportation in three steps. First, Governor Newsom and his team can discuss further on ZEV deployment goals. Second, they can go for benchmarking in countries that have this technology first-hand. Finally, practitioners and experts can acquire skills from their counterparts in other countries, then develop and implement the best way to work out this technology. 

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