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Amazon’s New Musical Cinderella Premieres on Prime Video in September

Cinderella 2021 film

Cinderella and her ever-familiar story will have a grand makeover in Amazon’s upcoming romantic musical comedy film of the same name. Starring singer Camila Cabello as the titular character in her first acting and lead role, this new take on the popular tale will be available for streaming next month.

There have been several versions of Cinderella throughout the years, but Amazon’s musical and comedic rendition of the fairy tale is already attracting a great deal of attention. Arriving soon via streaming, there will be plenty of singing, dancing, and a new Cinderella who’s got some great business ideas.

Important elements of the story will remain with some fun, progressive tweaks, like Cinderella wanting a fashion empire more than wanting a prince, the glass slippers which even fabulous magic can’t turn into comfortable footwear, and, of course, a fairy godparent named Fab G.

In addition to Cabello, the rest of the main characters include Idina Menzel (Frozen) as Cinderella’s stepmother, Nicholas Galitzine (The Craft: Legacy) as Prince Robert, Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting) as Queen Beatrice, Pierce Brosnan (Bond film series) as King Rowan, and Billy Porter (Pose) as the Fab G.

How to watch Cinderella in Australia?

In Australia, Cinderella starring Camila Cabello will premiere on Amazon Prime on September 3. You can instantly stream the new movie as soon as it becomes available on the streaming platform with an Amazon Prime subscription. New customers can also test run the streaming service with a 30-day free trial, giving you access to thousands of Amazon Prime’s library of shows, movies, and more.

Watch Cinderella trailer here:

Check out the trailer for Amazon’s Cinderella coming to Amazon Prime on September 3!

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