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How to Watch and Stream Upright

How to Watch/Stream Upright

Road trips are fun. But Lucky Flynn is travelling across the Nullabor to meet his ill mother. His sole companion is an upright piano that he carries in his trusty old pick-up. Along the way, he picks up a runaway teenager. The adventure then truly begins. The two encounter mad truckers, highway thieves, and even a magical pink lake. 

Upright is one of the hotly anticipated Australian comedies. The show brings together beautiful, desolate scenery of the outback and contrasts it with super funny characters and moments. Tim Minchin is sure to tap into his comedic best to bring laughter and genuine empathy on screen. Milly Alcock is the other part of the odd couple, cast as the teenage runaway. 

Watch it on a free trial offer

The first season of Upright landed on Fox Showcase and is now available On Demand. You have not one, not two, but three options to catch up on the rip-roaring series. First up is the standard Foxtel package for your telly. Choose the Plus Pack and you can catch up on 50+ premium shows.

The second option is Foxtel Now. You can literally watch the show for free with the 10-day trial offer. This also gives you the opportunity to check out all of their content.

Last but not the least is Foxtel from Telstra. Here you can enjoy discounted pricing and no lock-in contract.    

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