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What to Watch on Foxtel in November

What to Watch on Foxtel in November

It’s shaping up to be an exciting month for Foxtel as it ushers in a great range of new and returning shows just in time for the beginning of summer. Foxtel’s got a little bit of something for every kind of viewer, whether you’re into drama and fantasy, or perhaps some good old reality show drama, or even a true crime addict. 

Of course, we’re not going to bore you by diving into each and every show that’s on Foxtel this month. Instead, we’ve handpicked a couple of those that we’re sure you’re going to love at first watch. So without further delay, here’s what you should be tuning into this month on Foxtel. 

Must-Watch Series: His Dark Materials

HBO’s adaptation of Philip Pullman’s global best-seller returns for a second season. This time around, the hit series will dive deep into ‘The Subtle Knife,’ which is the second of his award-winning book trilogy. The new season picks up from when Lyra enters the Multiverse bridge at the end of the first season. Dafne Keen returns as Lyra, alongside other show lead characters including Ruth Wilson as Marisa Coulter, Lin Manuel-Miranda as Lee Scoresby, Amir Wilson as Will Parry, and James McAvoy as Lord Asriel. They will be joined by newcomer Andrew Scott Z as Colonel John Parry, Will’s globe-trotting father.

His Dark Materials season 2 premieres on Tuesday, November 17 on FOX SHOWCASE. 

New Series: Cobra

This six-part series written by Ben Richards tells the story of an all quite literal political storm. A team comprised of Britain’s leading experts, crisis contingency planners, and some of the most senior politicians create COBRA, a committee meant to protect the people of Great Britain in times of national emergency. This series goes through the eye of the storm as Prime Minister Robert Sutherland (played by Robert Carlyle) and his Chief of Staff, Anna Marshall (Victoria Hamilton) are forced to contend with impossible political decisions amidst their immensely pressured personal lives.

Cobra premiered last November 11. Catch continuing new episodes every Wednesday at 8:30pm on BBC First.

Returning Reality Show: Below Deck

All aboard Below Deck’s return for season 8! Captain Lee makes a return to the Caribbean, one of his most favourite places to sail. However, there’s some sadness on the horizon after having gone through a challenging time and the retirement of his chief Stewardess, Kate Chastain. Captain Lee finds solace with his old friend, Bosun Eddie Lucas, while also dealing with newcomers on board, which includes a certified yacht master, Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters. 

Below Deck season 8 returned last November 3rd with continuing new episodes every Tuesday at 1:30pm on FOX ARENA.

Top Documentary: Crazy, Not Insane

Here’s a new documentary series for all of you true crime junkies. Crazy, Not Insane follows Dr. Dorothy Otnow’s lifelong work of studying murderers and finding key answers to the question of why we kill. This doco directed and produced by Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney unfolds like a scientific detective story, which dives deep into the hearts and minds into the killers themselves.

Crazy, Not Insane drops on Wednesday, November 25 at 8:30pm on FOX SHOWCASE.

Reality-Competition Show: Great British Menu

A returning favourite reality-competition show is the Great British Menu. Now on its 15th season, this series sees four new chefs competing for the top spot as they represent the best culinary treasures from England’s central belt. This season gets a bit more exciting with new twists like having an extra chef to beat and a competitor leaving during the heats. The winning chef will be awarded a place at a banquet celebrating children’s literature.

The Great British Menu season 15 premiered last November 9th with continuing new episodes every Monday on LifestStyle Food. 

Continue Watching: The Undoing

The Undoing is now officially the biggest new series premiere since Big Little Lies back in February 2017, which also starred the amazing Nicole Kidman. It’s also now the second biggest new series premiere in the past five years, having a weekly cumulative audience of over 427k just during its premiere week. It’s been continually drawing strong ratings each week, which is why we couldn’t recommend this enough as a must-watch because of its intriguing storyline and impeccable acting by the cast.

If you haven’t tuned in just yet, you can watch earlier episodes of The Undoing on BINGE. Otherwise, you can continue watching new episodes every Monday at 1pm on FOX SHOWCASE.

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