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How To Watch and Stream The Sopranos

How To Watch/Stream The Sopranos

Modern television was born with The Sopranos. Much like how The Godfather inspired an entire genre, the highly acclaimed and cherished HBO series transformed the TV landscape. 

The premise of The Sopranos is a simple one: A mob boss, Tony Soprano, goes to see a shrink to unload some of the mental stress he’s been feeling of late. And when he starts talking, we are hooked to the brilliant narrative: family drama, thriller, and mob action all rolled into one. 

The show made the career of the late James Gandolfini, who became a household name. He was supported by an equally capable cast, including Lorraine Bracco (Goodfellas) and Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie).

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The Sopranos set the template for TV writing and won more than 20 Emmys in its 8-year run from 1999-2007. Now you can watch all episodes of the show with on demand from Foxtel or Foxtel from Telstra. If you choose Foxtel from Telstra, you receive a discounted rate and no lock-in contract. 

For streaming fans, Foxtel Now offers one of the best options. There is a 10-day free trail, after which you can decide whether to extend the subscription or not. The how is available on the Essential Pack (Pop & Lifestyle).

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