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Top 10 Best TV Shows to Stream Online with Netflix in October

Top 10 TV Shows to Stream Online with Netflix in October

What to Watch on Netflix 

Looking to stream your next show on Netflix? If so, you’re in luck. This well-known streaming provider has plenty of movies and TV shows to keep you entertained. From riveting documentaries to lighthearted comedies, there’s something available for everyone. 

1. Ratched

This psychological thriller is a prequel to Ken Kesey’s 1962 novel – The One That Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The series follows Mildred, a young nurse who starts working at a mental institution. 

2. Away 

Starring Hilary Swank as Emma Green, she embarks on a treacherous mission to Mars – leaving behind her husband and teenage daughter, while commanding an international crew. 

3. The Business Of Drugs 

A brand new docuseries on Netflix, this documentary is presented by former CIA analyst Amaryllis Fox. During the course of this six-part provocative series, he examines the origins and impacts of various drugs from meth to synthetics and heroin. 

4. Last Chance U 

In this fifth season of the popular series, it follows a new college football team as they do their best to gain recognition and national attention in America’s prestigious college football system. 

5. Mr. Iglesias 

 If you want a show that’ll provide you with plenty of laughs, you’ll enjoy this comedy. In this series, stand-up comic Gabriel Iglesias stars as an amiable high school teacher that helps a bunch of misfit kids. 

6. I’m Only Joking – Jack Whitehall 

Back for another Netflix special, British comedian Jack Whitehall once again takes the stage with his hilarious standup comedy. Get ready for tales about happy couples, life in hotels and more. 

7. Snowpiercer 

Set in 2021, the series follows survivors of earth’s second Ice Age as they live out their days on a luxurious train that circles the earth. With survivors separated on the train according to their class, things go awry when a revolution brews. 

8. Fear City – New York v The Mafia 

This Netflix docuseries recounts a time when New York was dominated by the Italian Mafia. It follows a group of federal agents as they worked to take down each of these five families one by one – also known as the Mafia Commission Trial. 

9. Space Force 

Starring Steve Carell, this comedic series follows a group of individuals that are tasked with creating a new branch of the United States Armed Forces – the United States Space Force. 

10. Project Power 

Be immersed in this gripping blockbuster that features an all-star cast of Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishback. In this movie, a former soldier joins forces with a cop to find the source of a new drug that allows users to temporarily turn into superheroes.

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