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How to Watch or Stream The Crown Season 4

How to Watch or Stream The Crown Season 4

Netflix’s royal hit series The Crown returns for its fourth season — aka the Princess Diana season! Joining Princess Diana is Margaret Thatcher, as well as major changes in the cast, which now sees the incredible Olivia Colman playing Her Majesty the Queen.

Now that we’re just days away from the long-awaited season 4, all eyes are on the plot ahead and how the new characters come into play. In this season, the show will cover the time period from 1977 to 1990. Not only will this season introduce Diana (soon-to-be princess) and Thatcher in her premiership, but viewers will also be treated to the royal grandchildren, Prince William and Prince Harry. 

Given these characters and timeline, viewers can expect to see all of the biggest political drama from the Thatcher years to be covered, which will culminate in her ousting by her own Cabinet in 1990. Meanwhile, we will also watch how this series will depict Prince Charles’ courtship of then Lady Diana Spencer, their 1981 wedding (and her iconic dress!), as well as the deterioration of their marriage because of Charles’ devotion to one Camilla Parkwe Bowles. On the side, we’ll see the decline of Princess Anne’s first marriage and Princess Margaret’s mental health battles, all while both Princesses deal with feeling overshadowed by the rise in popularity of Princess Diana.

Sounds exciting enough? Set your alarms ‘cause all of the 10 episodes of The Crown season 4 will drop on Netflix this coming Sunday, November 15.

Where to Watch or Stream The Crown

There’s only one place where you can stream all of the past and upcoming new episodes of The Crown and that is on Netflix. To put it simply, you need to have an active Netflix subscription in order to be able to tune in to the premiere of season 4 and binge watch it whenever you please.

Plans for Netflix in Australia begins at $10.99 per month for the entry-level plan, but subscribing to the $15.99/month will give you high definition streaming. If you’re looking for the best all-in deal, however, the $19.99/month is where it’s at — giving you up to 4K resolution and 4 simultaneous streams, and offline download capabilities.

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