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Top 5 Shows to watch on Binge and Foxtel Now Right Now

Top 5 Shows to watch on Binge and Foxtel Now Right Now

With new shows popping up here and there, it’s sometimes easy to forget some good old TV that’s still worth rewatching — or even watching for the first time ever. We’re talking about some underrated, but critically praised, shows that kind of went under the radar because of more talked about and hyped shows.

If you’re a Foxtel Now subscriber and find yourself at a loss on what to watch or check out, you may want to give these shows a try. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best underrated shows that you can start streaming right away. Don’t have a Foxtel Now account yet? No problem there as well. You can sign up for a 10-day free trial and start streaming instantly. 

1. Strike Back 

This one’s for the action aficionados. Based on the novel of the same name by a former Special Air Service (SAS) turned novelist Chris Ryan, Strike Back follows the story of John Porter, a discharged British special forces soldier, who’s then called back to service to thwart an international terrorist plot. It’s your good old military-terrorist show that’s packed with all the twists, turns, and plotlines that are realistic enough and aren’t too much of an overkill. With 8 seasons of this show, you have more than enough shows to binge watch whenever you want to. That’s more than 70 action-filled episodes that should leave you well satisfied. 

You can stream full seasons of Strike Back when you subscribe to the Drama Extra pack.

2. Deadliest Catch 

With 16 seasons and Emmy awards under its belt, Deadliest Catch is without a doubt one of the most exciting nature reality shows to binge-watch. It features fishermen experiencing deadly dangers and uncertainty in the Bering Sea aboard fishing vessels that hunt for Alaskan king crab, snow crab, and bairdi crab. Given its title, this should give you an idea of how thrilling it can get because the people involved in this show are facing real and imminent danger in their line of work — and in fact, some are saying this is the deadliest profession in the world. Definitely not your typical day of fishing, we reckon. 

You can stream all 16 seasons of Deadliest Catch with the Docos pack.

3. World On Fire (Drama Extra Pack)

Starring Game of Thrones alum Sean Bean and award-winning actress Helen Hunt, World On Fire is a British war drama that follows the hidden lives of ordinary people from Poland, France, Britain, Germany, and the United States during World War II. What makes this historical drama so engrossing is how it switches its scenes between various locations in Europe — mainly in France, Britain, Germany, and Poland. Each of the characters featured here may have different backgrounds, but what unites them is their struggle to survive during these very difficult circumstances.

Stream all 7 episodes of the first season of World On Fire on Foxtel Now Drama Extra pack. A second season has also been confirmed by the BBC.

4. Burden of Truth (Drama Extra Pack)

Anyone miss Lana Lang? In Burden of Truth, Kristin Kreuk is lawyer Joanna Hanley, who is suddenly brought back to her hometown because of a mysterious illness that seems to target high school girls. As she gets drawn back to family drama in her hometown, she’s also pulled into the shadowy world of hackers, activists, and political movements. Not long after, she then becomes the target, which forces her to come to terms with the ghosts of her past. It’s an interesting take on small town drama and suspense, which make for an easy yet great watch for law drama addicts.

Start watching all 3 seasons of Burden of Truth with the Drama Extra pack. A fourth season has also been confirmed. 

5. What We Do In the Shadows 

Despite having a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, What We Do In the Shadows remains to be one of the lesser hyped comedy shows around. Trust us, though, ‘cause this one’s bound to crack you up with its dark humour and the seamless chemistry among the characters. Speaking of characters, WWDITS is mainly a horror mockumentary about the lives of three vampires: Nandor, Colin Robinson, and Nadja, and their everyday struggle to keep up with daily life as they reside in one apartment in New York. You’d also be pleasantly surprised to see some familiar faces appearing in some of the episodes as well. Did we also mention that Taika Waititi is one of the writers for this show?  

Access episodes from the first 2 seasons of What We Do In the Shadows with the Essentials Pack.

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