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Andrew Winter and Neale Whitaker Are Back for Love It Or List It Australia Season 4

Love It Or List It Australia S4

Real estate expert Andrew Winter and Design guru Neale Whitake return to your screens next month with Love It Or List It Australia Season 4. Once again, their expertise in their respective fields will help Australian homeowners decide what to do with their properties. Do they stay or they sell? Tough questions require solid answers and where else to get that than from Australia’s Love It Or List It experts.

Love It Or List It Australia Season 4 Preview

In Love It Or List It Australia Season 4, ten homeowners from all around Australia are facing individual predicaments involving their beloved properties. This is when Andrew and Neale swoop in to help them make the hard decisions, which, hopefully, they’ll be happy about afterward.

Season 4 will continue to showcase Neale’s ‘Team Love It’ and Andrew’s ‘Team List It’, battling over properties and trying to convince homeowners do the right thing. But what is the right thing to do anyway if you’re conflicted about whether to relocate or renovate? Well, for Andrew and Neal – what they say!

Factors like an unexpected property boom will also make things more interesting for Andrew’s team, but Neal is not one to sit around and do nothing, especially if he’s capable of giving some of the most breathtaking makeovers that homeowners will love.

Find out where to watch new episodes of Love It Or List It Australia ahead of its Season 4 premiere.

How to watch Love It Or List It Australia Season 4?

Love It Or List It Australia Season 4 will premiere on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel on Wednesday at 8:30 pm, September 29. New episodes will be available to stream on-demand for Foxtel customers after its Lifestyle broadcast. Lifestyle is part of the base pack, the Foxtel Plus bundle, along with over 50 more channels of drama, reality, and entertainment.

Past seasons of Love It Or List It Australia are also available on demand on Lifestyle. What’s more, Foxtel offers the LifeStyle Love It Or List It Pop- Up-Channel where you can watch episodes from other franchises of the show around the world. Pop- Up-Channel will be accessible to Foxtel customers from September 23 at 8:00 am until the Season 4 premiere on September 29.

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